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Retractable Aluminum 6 Folding Tonneau cover For GMC


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1. OEM Design with best quality, good workmanship with well-distributed coat finish, strong package 2. Quality warranty (welcome you check our samples). 3.Steel Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for Jeep Wrangler 07-14 2 or 4Doors


Product description

Retractable Tonneau cover For Ford F150 5.5ft 2015-2018

truck tonneau cover provides impressive strength and rigidity combined with a fit and finish worthy of your truck.

1) Retractable tonneau covers for trucks are quickly folded and easily removed when you need access to your entire truck bed
2) The key-locking tonneau bed cover provides deadbolt level security when you need it most, and keeps your gear out of the elements.
3)It is easily retracted offering you full access to your truck bed when you need it and peace of mind and security when you don’t
4) quick-releases without the use of any tools in just 30 seconds, offering you access to every inch of cargo space in your truck bed.
5). The guide rails and panels of our hard truck bed covers are manufactured from single pieces of aircraft grade aluminum. Each
rail is extruded and machined to follow the exact lines of your truck bed, while the panels are precision CNC punched to ensure a
perfect fit every time. For the finishing touch, we bake a satin black powder coat on at 400 degrees. The assembled retractable

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